iDEAL Certificate Holder (CPSP / C2C Provider) - Application, Certification and Technical Implementation

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On this page you will find all information how to become an iDEAL Certificate Holder (iDEAL Collecting Payment Service Provider or C2C Provider).

Please note that only Payment Service Providers (PSPs) with a European payment licence can become an iDEAL Partner. This licence must be listed in the official register of the central financial institute of your country and it must be ‘passported’ to those countries in which you want to market your services. In the Netherlands this is the Dutch Central Bank (De Nederlandsche Bank): If you do not yet have a licence, you must start with your application for this licence as soon as possible as the iDEAL Rules & Regulations (R&R) state that all PSPs must have a licence.


1. Application iDEAL


Please follow the next steps to apply for the Collecting Payment Service Provider (CPSP) or C2C Providers Role for you Institution:

Please read the General notes on the iDEAL Rules & Regulations (R&R), the iDEAL R&R definitions and the iDEAL Acceptance Regulations.
NB The Acceptance Regulations are similar to an NDA.

The document ‘General notes on the iDEAL R&R’ contains links. You can only click on these links when you have full access to the iDEAL R&R . You will receive full access after finalising the application.

When you agree with the Acceptance Regulations, please fill in the Certificate Agreement Application Form () for the Role of CPSP or C2C Provider and email the completed and signed (by the legal representative of your Institution) Application Form to Then your Institution will receive full access to the iDEAL Rules & Regulations (R&R). 

You can find more information about our fees iDEAL Certificate Holder fees on

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us by email:

2. Certification iDEAL


To certify your Institution as a CPSP or C2C Provider, you need to follow the below steps:

The next steps contain links. You can only click on these links when you have full access to the Currence R&R . You will receive full access when you have completed the Application, please see step ‘1. Application iDEAL’.

Please read all relevant iDEAL R&R documentation: The description and requirements of the CPSP Role you have requested. For each Role, Currence has drawn up an overview of which the iDEAL R&R documents apply:

After reading the above documentation, please contact us for an introduction call via In this call we will also explain the next steps and we can answer your questions.

When you are ready to start the certification, Currence will give your Institution access to your own certification environment to fill in a draft version of the Control Self-Assessment (CSA) Form.

After finalisation, our Certification Compliance Manager will send its report to the Management Board of Currence. When the Management Board agrees with the outcome of the certification or accreditation*, your Institution will receive a Certificate Agreement or Accreditation Agreement.

* Only applicable for the CPSP Role and if the yearly iDEAL transaction value of the iDEAL Payments of your Insitution is less than 3 million euro per year.

3. Technical Implementation iDEAL


The Acquirer(s) will determine how your Institution connect to the routing platform of iDEAL, the iDEAL Hub.

Most Acquirers offer a connection via their own acquiring platform. You need to contact them for the technical specifications.

A few Acquirers will offer their Acquiring Participants a Direct Connection to the iDEAL Hub, in this case your Institution can use the Technical Documentation for Merchants/CPSPs/C2C Providers.

The Acquirer provides a test environment for testing the implementation.