Mismatch between your (order) systems and the final iDEAL status

Mismatches may occur between the status of an order in your system and the status of the iDEAL payment that is associated to that order. This usually happens when your order system has an expiration period of an order that is less than 30 minutes (the default iDEAL expiration period). In case a user completed it's authentication in its banking screens but for some reason is not redirected to your web environment, your order may time-out because no confirmation of the iDEAL payment was received within this order expiration period.

In these cases there are several things you can do to solve this:

  • Extend the order expiration period of your order system, or decrease the iDEAL expiration period. This way you will have a trigger for retreiving the iDEAL status in time and your order system will always be updated with the final iDEAL status. You can do this by providing a value for expirationPeriod in your iDEAL TransactionRequest.
  • Include an extra time trigger of 3 miuntes for collecting the iDEAL status. The vast majority of users will have finished the authentication in their banking screens by then, so almost any iDEAL payment confirmation (with status success) should be collectable by then.